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Menopause is not a taboo. Here is how you can talk about it!

Life is most often compared to an aquatic voyage. Where a vessel represents an individual, and the ever-changing seas represent life itself. The seas are said to evolve and transmute between many different forms – choppy, serene, slow, quick, enchanting, frightening.

This ‘vessel’ must face the numerous appearances of this ‘sea’ before docking at its final destination. As individuals, we must face numerous impedances before we can catch a glimpse of the rays of happiness – it is true for all beings. And although every individual in this universe has their own journey, their own deviations and impedances, and accordingly their own havens, we must also note the presence of nature’s impedances – common to every individual. Be it the impedance of puberty, or the agony of disease, it is common to every individual – a continuation of nature’s plan.

In accordance, every woman must go through a certain impedance. A common event in nature’s plan, a phenomenon that is unfortunately only discussed in hushed whispers – menopause. It is astonishing that even though it’s a completely natural process that EVERY woman goes through, it has a ‘taboo’ status in our society. And menopause, it isn’t the proverbial iceberg in the sea of life, that’ll sink our ‘Titanic’, it’s a small hurdle which eventually leads to liberation in a woman’s life.

But in today’s world, this hurdle isn’t even sizeable, in fact, this hurdle can be easily smoothened without the use of extensive allopathy. There are new all-natural solutions to overcome the symptoms of menopause.

But the real solution is to bring awareness. Even today, women face the symptoms of menopause and wonder what could possibly be causing them? They try and attribute the symptoms to unrelated diseases or supernatural occurring or events – and it needs to stop NOW. Every woman deserves to know the truth about the changes their body is going through, and it won’t occur unless WE take responsibility. It’s time to wake up and support the hundreds of millions of women undergoing menopause in India, because the women who’ve supported us throughout our lives, deserve our support now.

Initiate a conversation about menopause by talking about it on social media, by using hashtags such as #daretodiscuss and #letstalkmenopause, by arranging events – small or large, in your community. If you start small, then you will begin a snowball effect that’ll eventually reach every Indian woman. And that’s all you need to do. All you need to do, to do your part is – talk.


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