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Early menopause can be avoided with a glass of this simple elixir everyday!

Remember when you were young and your mother insisted on you finishing your glass of ‘morning doodh’? For some it was a daily pleasure, for others it was a nightmare – but that morning glass of milk was the cornerstone of every Indian’s childhood memories.

Well, as it turns out, the legacy of “Mom is always right” continues! The benefits of that glass of milk spread way beyond childhood, in fact, a recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School in association with other universities shows that a higher intake of Calcium and Vitamin D can decrease the risk of early pains and cracks in bones during even beginning of menopause phase by as much as 17%!

This is amazing news for women because early menopause can mean an increased risk of heart disease and bone fractures. Ouch! Sticks and stones may break my bones but I won’t let early menopause scratch me. I’ll just enjoy my milk and greens and bid early menopause adieu.


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