Menopause is the phase that every woman has to face. She has to undergo all the trouble, pain, mood swings and what not, but she can’t discuss about it with anyone. But Why? The reason is simple, most people still consider it as a topic which should not be discussed among man and woman, even woman doesn’t discuss it among themselves. We hesitate to discuss our problems, the trauma associated with it and all other changes we are undergoing while going through the phase of menopause.
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What is Menopause?

Menopause is the end of monthly cycles of a lady, this implies at some point of time her periods will cease to exist. The monthly cycles are of immense importance for a lady. Periods, are a sign that she is healthy and her body is functioning properly. The
lady till the time gets her monthly cycle is capable of contributing in the reproduction cycle. With the end of her periods comes the end of the reproduction system. So the occurrence of periods should be such that the lady should have had kids.

Appropriate Age of Menopause

Ideally a woman on her late forties and early fifties should experience menopause.Any time before or after this specified period of 48 years to 55 years, if menopause occurs, it is termed as pre or post menopause respectively. Menopause occurs at this age and lasts till the end of your life. There are several factors which effect the age of menopause. But in case your menopause is not on time, it would be good if your consult with your medical specialist for further assistance.

Mother Nature Will Give You The Call

Even before the monthly cycles are bound to cease, Mother Nature sends in the signals that direct towards onset of menopause. Some four to five years before the menopause actually occurs the body stops producing the most important female hormone that is “estrogen”. This hormone alone is responsible for several things, like desire for sex. Some of the other signs include:

  • A lady may experience irregular periods, this can be explained that the periods are not on time or the flow is either too much or too less.

  • Loss of memory, poor concentration, fatigue, dizziness, bloating, thinning hair, wrinkles, bone loss, hot flashes, joint pain, sleep pattern disorder, increase in weight especially the belly area are also a few signs that menopause is due in some time.

  • The signs of menopause can be equally disturbing as it is the time when a lady needs to take proper care of herself so that when menopause occurs she is already prepared for it and can handle the side effects without much difficulty.

Factors Related to Age of Menopause

There are a lot of factors which can affect your estrogen metabolism which includes your diet, body mass index, passive smoke exposure, etc. Some of the factors are stated below which might affect the age of menopause as well.

  • Ethnicity

    Different ethnic groups may have different age of menopause. For example, African-American or Hispanic women reach menopause a little, whereas Japanese and Chinese women reach menopause at a later age. Caucasian women reach menopause at an average which is somewhere in 50’s.

  • Smoking

    Women who smoke on a regular basis may attain menopause at an early age as no other factor damage ovaries than smoking.

  • Diet

    Studies show that malnourished women have menopause at an early age, say 4 years earlier than well-nourished women.

  • Physical Activity

    It causes a lot of changes in releasing hormones. Those who are physically active have a higher level of these hormones as compared to those who are at rest. Physical exercise can also effect the age of menopause.

  • Environmental factors

    Occupational exposures as well as stressors like working in shifts, hours spent spending, and heavy lifting, etc can have adverse effects on your menstrual cycle. Other environmental exposures which are related to endocrine disruption can also alter age of menopause.

  • Genetic factors

    Genetic factors also play an important role in identifying the age of menopause.

There are several factors which can affect your age of menopause and there are some myths as well which people consider while calculating their age of menopause. But they really doesn’t matter, some of them are:

  • Age at First Menstrual Cycle

    The average age for the first menstrual period might also differ from lady to lady but on an average, it’s somewhere in between 12 to 14. It doesn’t matter when you had your first period; the age of menopause is not dependent on it. For example, if you menstruate later, it doesn’t mean you will reach menopause later.

  • Breastfeeding and Pregnancy

    Women and others might think that these can also affect the age of menopause but in reality, they have no impact on the age of menopause.

  • Hormonal birth control methods

    Taking hormonal birth control pills or using any other control methods will not have any effect on your age of menopause. It just stops your ovulation but it doesn't stop the loss of follicles.

There is nothing much you can do to influence the natural age of menopause. You can just get prepared to face that phase so that when you get closer to that time, you can easily predict and understand what is happening and can easily handle it.
In case you in your forties and have skipped at least three periods in a row, chances are you are either entering the menopause phase. So be prepared for it.