A Brief About Menopause Signs

Menopause is a phase that brings the end of the monthly menstrual cycle; it not only ends the menstrual cycle but brings many side effects along with it. There is no denial to the fact that menopause is a life changing experience. A woman witnesses many changes in her body and mind alike. Menopause occurs when the body stops producing the female hormone” estrogen”. This estrogen alone is responsible for smooth functioning of other parts of the body. The menstrual cycle when functions regularly confirm that the body is healthy. It also confirms about the fertility of the female. As the periods are a regular natural process, so is menopause. It has been documented that women in their late 40s or early 50s go through the phase of menopause.

Symptoms And Signs

Let’s dive into the topic of menopause and try to analyze the symptoms of the same those female encounters before the onset of menopause:

It is essential to know and understand these symptoms because it could help you to cope up with the situation in a stronger and capable way. It could also benefit the near and dear ones of the female so that they could also bestow her with immense love and care to cope up with the situation. No doubts to the fact that menopause is a rough stride and to sail through it, requires the support of your loved ones. Menopause challenges your identity, your perception of the body. After menopause, the changes that are bound to occur need to be understood so as to cope up with them. So before reaching to the effects of menopause and gearing up for it, you first need to understand the signs that your body passes onto you while entering the phase of menopause.

  • irregular Periods

    Before the onset of menopause, your body starts to experience irregular periods.
    They break the norm of monthly cycles, they may appear twice a month or may not
    appear for six months long. Even the flow tends to get irregular that disturbs your
    whole body system.

  • Hot Flashes

    Hot flashes could be explained as sudden, transient sensation of heat that spreads
    over the face and upper body. The hot flushes could either be mild or very severe. A Hot Flush is a sign that body gives you when the supply of estrogen is reduced in the

  • Night Sweats

    This can be explained as extreme hot flashes during the night time. The women
    experience extreme fits of sweating during the night. This night sweats tend to
    disturb the sleep pattern of the lady thereby making her more irritable and lethargic.

  • Loss Of Libido

    The sexual desire is affected by a majority of factors, but a woman that is about to
    experience menopause is bound to have a reduction in libido that occurs mainly due
    to hormonal imbalance and the deficiency of androgen hormone. Any sexual activity
    or intimacy could irritate a woman at this time. However sexual function should not
    be confused with sexual desire, sexual function is not affected by menopause.

  • Vaginal Dryness

    When estrogen levels drop down, the vaginal lining starts to thin and leads to
    itchiness and irritation. This makes the vagina to dry and thus leads to lack of
    interest in sex.

  • Mood Swings

    As the estrogen levels start to reduce, the mood-regulating hormone
    neurotransmitters also go to Bay, this leads to mood swings. Just like periods,
    pregnancy, menopause and pre-menopause phase all are characterized by severe
    mood swings or let us agree a period of a roller coaster of moods.

  • Hair Loss Or Thinning

    This is definitely the most heartbreaking and physical symptom of menopause. It is a
    phase where the hair starts to lose their volume, quantity, and shine. These
    symptoms could be due to other diseases also so; you need to consult your doctor to
    rule out any other possibility.

  • Sleep Disorders

    Having troubled sleep or irregular sleep pattern could also indicate to the fact that
    the lady could be leading to menopause. It is a well-documented research that
    women start to experience sleep disorders 5 to 7 years ahead of actually going
    through the phase of menopause.

  • Difficulty In Concentrating And Memory Loss

    In the journey of menopause, many women experience difficulty in concentrating as
    well as in remembering things. This stage occurs due to hormonal imbalance and
    particularly due to lack of estrogen hormone.

  • Weight Gain

    With the reduction in estrogen levels the body tends to retain fat cells and also the
    metabolic rate slows down. It results in an increase of the waistline, thereby even
    before you enter the phase of your menopause, your waistline could indicate your
    time to say bye to your monthly menstrual cycles.

  • Anxiety

    Women who are about to enter the phase of menopause may experience anxiety.
    They may feel dizziness, or shortness of breath, lightheaded or tense. All these are
    symptoms of your body to pass you the signs of hormonal imbalance that it is facing.

  • Bloating

    Bloating is a common part of periods, pregnancy or menopause. If your cause of
    bloating cannot be explained it could be due to the onset of menopause. Fluctuating
    hormones could result in bloating, and cause discomfort.

  • Breast pain and Tenderness

    It could be pain or soreness around the nipples or breast tenderness in one or both,
    which indicates the hormonal changes that are accompanied with menopause.

  • Headache

    Menstrual migraines that occur when estrogen levels plunge during periods, could
    also be experienced when a woman is about to enter menopause. It is so because
    the body starts to produce less of estrogen even before actual menopause occurs so
    a woman may experience severe headaches at regular intervals.

  • Oral health

    Bleeding gums, tooth loss, inflammation or gingivitis starts to knock your door
    before menopause is about to start. Dental issues start because of the deficiency of
    estrogen hormone.

  • Skin Issues

    This is perhaps the first symbol of occurrence of menopause, this happens as
    estrogen levels fall, your skin starts to lose collagen at a rapid pace, making it a most
    predominant symbol of menopause. A woman may lose the shine of her skin and
    may get itchy skin as well as wrinkles.

    Menopause is a natural process that you need to embrace with all love and
    acceptance without any hesitation.