What are the benefits of Freelady Regane for menopausal women?

Besides the various benefits of isoflavones elaborated, the other ingredients in Freelady Regane provide diverse actions all which are beneficial for the menopausal women.

What are the special attributes of the product Freelady Regane?

Freelady Regane is the first of its kind product for Indian menopausal women that:

  • Contains all ingredients necessary to combat most changes due to menopause.
  • Eliminates the need of additional calcium which is commonly consumed by the elderly women.
  • Provides all the ingredients in optimal quantities to deliver the desired benefits.
  • Available as a pack of 15 single serve sachets in two delicious flavors,cola and cranberry. Recommended intake – 1 sachet a day.

What are the directions for consuming Freelady Regane Sachet?

Mix the content of one sachet of Free Lady Regane in glass containing 150 mL 2/3rd of standard glass of preferably chilled water; mix briskly till the powder is well dispersed and then enjoy the drink once daily.

How long can the product be consumed?

Isoflavone-based products can be consumed on long-term basis during the postmenopausal period.

What happens if the Freeady Regane is stopped?

If discontinued, benefits on account of ingredients in Freelady Regane will cease.

Are there any significant side effects expected with ingredients in Freelady Regane?

Ingredients in Freelady Regane are safe when consumed as per recommendations. Allergic reactions including breathing difficulty, dizziness, appetite change, nausea or other disturbances primarily related to digestive system could occur in occasional cases.

What are the precautions needed with respect to consuming Freelady Regane?

Freelady Regane is exclusively meant for perimenopause and postmenopausal women. The intake of Freelady Regane in presence of atopy (genetically determined allergy to environmental allergens), thyroid disturbances, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, gall bladder problems, fibroids and cancer of breast, ovaries or uterus should be strictly under advice and supervision of the healthcare provider. Ingestion of blood thinners (anticoagulants / antiplatelet agents), pain killers (anti-inflammatory drugs), phenytoin, thyroid hormone, medicines which decrease immunity, sedative drugs and certain antimicrobials along with ingredients in Free Lady Regane must be with guidance by healthcare provider.

Under what situations or conditions intake of Freelady Regane should be avoided?

Those allergic to any of its ingredient/s, or soy or grapes or curcumin are not to consume Free Lady Regane. In presence of Protein S deficiency, excessive calcium, magnesium and vitamin D concentrations the product is not recommended. Stop Free Lady Regane at least 2 weeks prior to a scheduled operation.

How is Freelady Regane available?

Free Lady Regane is available in packs of 15 sachets.

How can Freelady Regane be procured?

Freelady Regane can be purchased online from www.amazon.in or by informing the customer care or signaling by a missed call. The company will arrange to forward the same at prevailing rates on cash against delivery basis.

Are there any special storage conditions necessary for Freelady Regane?

Free Lady Regane can be kept in normal room conditions of humidity and temperature (preferably below 250C). It needs to be kept strictly out of reach of children.

What is menopause?

Menopause is a transition between two phases of a woman’s life and occurs when a woman permanently stops menstruating (having periods). It is a natural part of aging and there are nearly 50 million menopausal women in India.

Why does the woman stop menstruating?

Menstruation stops because the ovaries in women discontinue the production of two hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone, which have been otherwise responsible for the periodical monthly bleeding.

What is perimenopause and postmenopause?

Perimenopause is the 2-10 years stage since the age when the estrogen production begins diminishing, and lasts up to 1 year post the complete cessation of periods (menopause).

At what age does the menopause commence?

Menopause sets in between the ages of 45 to 60 years; however, in rural Indians it could set in earlier. One-fifth of the women in India experience menopause before the age of 41 years.

What happens during menopause?

Due to menopause, a woman could have complaints such as fatigue / lack of energy, headache& backache, hot flushes, cold sweats, cold hands and feet, numbness and tingling of fingers / toes, excitability, irritability, anxiety and mood swings besides difficulty in sexual performance due to dryness of vagina.

How often do these symptoms occur?

30% of Indian menopausal femaleshave pertinent complaints vis-à-vis 80% of women experiencing the same overseas.

Are there any other consequences of menopause?

On account of menopause there are many other disturbing consequences such as urinary leakage and inability to control its flow (incontinence), thinning & wrinkling of skin, breast changes, brittle bones, increased risk of heart disease, and even memory disturbances with higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

What is the logical option to prevent complaints of menopause and the long-term consequences?

The ovaries fail to produce estrogens and this is the prime reason for menopause and the changes due to it.
Hence, taking estrogens is the logical answer to all the menopause-related concerns.

Why are estrogens not being commonly advised?

Although estrogens are beneficial for the menopausal women, they are not freely advocated by healthcare professionals on account of their potential to increase risk of causing breast and uterus cancers.

What are then other safer options for managing menopause-related concerns?

Natural estrogens that are derived from plants (phytoestrogens) serve the same purpose as their synthetic counterpart without causing such alarming concerns.

Why are phytoestrogens relatively safer?

The effects of estrogens are consequent to their binding with receptors called estrogen receptors (ER). Unless the estrogen sits inside the receptor there can be no benefit / drawback; this is similar to a key requiring to have matching the slot if a lock has to be opened. In the body, the estrogen ER are of two types: α and β. The ERα are situated primarily in breast and uterus whilst the ERβ are available in the bone, brain, bladder (urinary), blood vessels and skin.

The hormone replacement (HT) with estrogens can bind with both ERα as well as ERβ and this is responsible for beneficial action but also causing higher risk of cancer of breast and uterus (wherein the ERá are primarily present).

Isoflavones, the prime phytoestrogen, are derived best from soy beans. The active isoflavones (genistein & daidzein) predominantly bind with ERβ and hence, are relatively free from associated cancer concerns since the ERα are not targeted.

What are the beneficial actions of soy isoflavones?

Soy isoflavones reduce:

1. Hot flushes

2. Cold sweats

3. Cold hands and feet

4. Anxiety, irritability & mood swings

5. Risk of frail bones

6. Narrowing of blood vessels

7. Repeated infections of urine

8. Vaginal dryness

9. Skin changes like wrinkles

Is there a product which provides isoflavones?

Free Lady –Regane is just the right product to partner during menopause. Free Lady –Regane is exclusively designed such that its prime ingredient –isoflavones, provides protection from all the consequences due to stoppage of periods including the long-term changes which are known to occurduring menopause.

Is soy the only source of isoflavones?

Besides soy (2-4 mg/g), lentils and beans (0.002 mg/g) also contain isoflavones; however, soy and soy products are the richest source.

Can soy products provide the benefits necessary during menopause?

Soy beans, soy flour and soy chips have significant concentrations of isoflavones as compared to inconsequential amounts present in tofu, soy milk and soy cheese. However, the soy beans provide ‘inactive’precursors of isoflavones which need to be converted to their active counterparts.

Free Lady –Regane, on the other hand, contains active form of isoflavones (primarily genistein) and are thus reliable in the benefits it is intended to provide.

What are the benefits of Free Lady –Regane for menopausal women?

Besides the various benefits of isoflavones elaborated, the other ingredients in Free Lady –Regane provide diverse actions all which are beneficial for the menopausal women.